Black Onyx (Tumbled)

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Black Onyx is a popular and powerful gemstone. The keywords behind Black Onyx are: intuition, rejuvenation, divination, strength, change, balance, grounding, focus, self-confidence, banishing negativity, protection, letting go, and decreased sexual desires.

Onyx is believed to bring rejuvenation when feeling depleted of energy. A powerful gemstone to use in difficult or confusing times of our lives as it grounds us, keeping us focused and on task. It is also known to bring happiness, and heighten one's intuition and instinct.

Black stones such as Onyx are considered very fortunate in attracting money. Using Black Onyx in your home office, or where you regularly sit down to pay bills or do banking, will keep the money from flowing away from you.

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye