Discovery Geodes

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Geodes have a very special energy.  Most geodes contain either Quartz or Calcite, but can also contain Amethyst, Jasper, Chalcedony, Pyrite, Sphalerite, Hematite, Kaolinite, Ankerite, Aragonite, Dolomite or Black Calcite (which is very rare).

Geodes can help with communication with divine beings.  They can help boost moods, balance and screen energy, relieve stress and can aid in meditation.  They can also help with decision making before a situation gets too difficult, and can also enhance astral travel.

The healing properties of geodes include treatment of the nervous system, hands and lungs.

Geodes depict beauty and induce remembrance.  They are beneficial to health because their beauty inspires well-being and spirituality.