Mini Ritual Candles

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These mini chime candles are great because they are small enough that they don't take up much space on the altar, they burn down clean and don't leave as much of a mess, are great for travel, and they can be used up during one or two rituals. Burn time is up to 2 hours approximately, perfect to setting strong initiation with your spell  

Candles are 4" h X 0.5" w and a lead free wick.

WHITE - peace, purity, healing, innocence, divination, exorcism

BLACK - safety, protection, banish negativity, pride, shapeshifting

BROWN - house blessing, pets, animals, earth, stabligyt, locating lost items

ORANGE - creativity, justice, legal matters, joy, ambition, opportunity, celebration

PURPLE - spiritual power, government, breaking habits, drive away evil

YELLOW - sun, intelligence, luxury, memory, masculinity, positive attitude

GREEN - growth, luck, tree, plants, earth, nature, money, success and jealousy

BLUE - used for knowledge, focus, truth and weight loss.

RED - passion, strength, fire, survival, career, lust, action, independence

INDIGO - Inertia, stops situations or people, deep meditation stat,  sensitivity to psychic energy