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Organic Coriander Seeds

Organic Coriander Seeds

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Organic Coriander Seeds

Ancient wisdom, Egyptians used in love potions. 

More than just a spice!

  • Aphrodisiac – Increase sexual drive. Coriander seed contains phyto-estrogen, which is in charge for stimulating sexual passion. It also helps with erectile dysfunction and temporary impotence.
  • Antibacterial – Coriander seed oil acts as deodorant by helping eliminate bad breath as well as body odour. It assists in inhibiting the odour-causing bacteria in the mouth and sweat glands.
  • Digestive – This essential oil helps ease digestive issues such as indigestion, upset stomach, and flatulence. Recent study also shows that coriander seed oil helps fight bacteria that cause food poisoning.7
  • Analgesic – Aids in reducing pain. It can be used ton help treat toothache, muscle pain, and menstrual pain.
  • Stimulant – Feeling low, it also has a calming effect on those who suffered shock or trauma.8  
  • Anti-spasmodic – Widely used by athletes because it helps relieve muscle spasm and cramps.   

Coriander oil contains estrogen, which helps women overcome menstrual pain. Many women also find this essential oil helpful during their menopausal stage.9


1 oz = 2 heaping tablespoons. Sold by the 1 ounce package of dry herbs.

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