Rubellite Pink Tourmaline Sphere 61mm

Rubellite Pink Tourmaline Sphere 61mm

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Rubellite Pink Tourmaline Crystal in Granite 

Used in the home or office, Rubellite Tourmaline helps neutralize the harmful effects of microwaves, computers and other electronics. It deters people from picking fights or disputing your expertise, and helps bestow dignity, diplomacy and quiet authority when others are being unreasonable or pulling rank.

It provides energy and vitality to the physical body, while incorporating the healing qualities of the heart with a loving consciousness.  It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment.

Expands one’s awareness of true abundance - the sense that all we need is provided by Spirit. Opening the heart to others and the world and receiving this abundance allows a sense of peace and fulfillment. 

Chakra: Heart and Root

NOTE: sphere doesn't come with a stand in photo a small wooden on, comes with the product.